How secure is your healthcare facility?

Is your healthcare facility compliant with Australian Standard, (AS 4485 (1997) Parts 1 & 2?), “Security for Healthcare Facilities”?

This comprehensive standard is applicable to all healthcare facilities from small nursing homes, mental health facilities to 800 bed major teaching hospitals.

Has your facility conducted an independent security risk assessment to identify major security risks enabling risk mitigation strategies to be developed? Security risk assessments are a mandatory requirement of the Australian Standard 4485.

It is imperative your healthcare facility adopts a proactive approach to security management by assessing and testing the current level of compliance to both the Australian Standard and relevant accreditation criteria.

LPGA’s independent security audit will ensure your healthcare facility has an accurate and current security audit report together with a detailed continuous improvement plan to demonstrate to approved accreditation agencies you have identified your non-compliances and are actively addressing any deficiencies.


Richard Murrie, the Principal of LPGA has for more than 40 years been providing security consultancy to several healthcare networks and facilities both in Victoria and throughout Australia. LPGA has an experienced team of consultants with extensive experience in the heathcare sector. Furthermore LPGA has developed a unique security audit tool compatible with the Australian Standard (AS4485) and applicable accreditation criteria. LPGA can provide testimonials and references from satisfied clients.


  • LPGA’s service offering is as follows;

  • A complete independent security audit of your healthcare facility evaluating compliance to Australian Standard 4485 ‘Security for Healthcare Facilities’.

  • Prepare security audit reports outlining the level of compliance for all relevant control points for each facility having evaluated whether organisations have ‘Not Met’, ‘Satisfactorily Met’ or ‘Met with Merit’ the various standards and accreditation requirements.

  • Prepare a ‘continuous improvement plan’ presenting recommendations together with an achievable timetable to address and rectify identified deficiencies.

  • Undertake a security risk assessment compliant with AS/NZ ISO 31000 (2009) ‘Risk Management’ and prepare a report identifying security risks, current controls and provide additional and achievable risk mitigation strategies. Security risk assessments are a mandatory requirement of AS 4485 Parts 1& 2.


  • This security audit will evaluate the existing level of compliance to the Australian Standard and accreditation requirements.

  • Achievable recommendations and a prioritised continuous improvement plan will be provided. This plan will outline what is required to achieve full compliance to all mandatory components of the Australian Standard and meet relevant NSQHS, EQuIP National and ISO 9001 (Health Service Accreditation) standards.

  • LPGA offers ongoing advice and support to all participating healthcare facilities.

  • To demonstrate to approved accreditation agencies that your healthcare facility is proactively managing security to ensure a safe and secure environment is provided to staff, patients and visitors and all assets are adequately protected.